2015 BMW X6 Engine Specs and Performance

Tuesday, July 1st 2014. | BMW

Here is the review of 2015 BMW X6 engine specs, performance, details, redesign and the fuel economy information with some photos. BMW is one car production from Germany that always builds some luxury car. BMW is also known as car production that divides the entire car with class. There are many BMW class car such as BMW class X BMW class E, BMW class M, and BMW class 3. All this BMW car builds for luxurious car and people in whole Europe love with this car because has good interior, exterior and performance. Even BMW car built for luxurious car, but still BMW already equipped the whole car with big engine. BMW X6 is one example of BMW luxurious car but has big engine. Equipped with 300 horsepower engine, this BMW car is new generation from BMW X5.
2015 BMW X6 Fuel Economy Review

BMW X6 is equipped with rear wheel drive and has 300 horsepower engine, 300 lb-ft and single turbo 3.0 L inline six. All those engine are available with xDrive all wheel engine. The new engine of 2015 BMW x6 is equipped with 4.4 L twin turbo V8 and has more horsepower between 445 and 480. Those two horsepower are the newest engine of BMW x6. BMW X6 can run fast and reach 60 mph just in 6 seconds, but according to the test drive in Germany, BMW X6 with V8 engine can run 60 mph just in 4,8 seconds.
2015 BMW X6 Wallpaper Pictures

In Europe BMW X6 has own engine that already equipped with 3.0 L inline six and using diesel as the engine. All X6 engine are using eight speed torque automatic transmission. The feature of xDrive can make people who ride this car feel relief because can run fast until reach 130 mph. According to the BMW test drive the most top speed of 2015 BMW x6 is reach 155 mph. With turbo 3.0 L and V8 engine, will make this car run fast and this car become the successor of BMW X5 that built in year 2013.

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